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Set Up Ant Control Service In Spring, TX

Prevent Ants From Marching Into Your Home

Ants are more than an annoyance. If you have an infestation in your home or facility, you might have to worry about them getting into your wiring, like in your AC or fuse box. That's why Allegiance Pest Management provides comprehensive ant control service in Spring, TX and the North Houston area.

Our team will deal with these invasive pests quickly and permanently, dealing with the entire colony. Call 713-304-0001 right now to arrange for ant removal service.

We'll make sure the ants stay gone

When you need ant removal service, you can rely on the professionals at Allegiance Pest Management for a long-term solution. We use a non-repellant pesticide for our ant control service. The ants will walk over this pesticide and carry it back to their colony. Every ant that makes contact with the granule will be killed.

This method ensures the ants are taken care of permanently. Contact us right away to set up ant removal services in Spring, TX.